Group Coaching for Teams and Executives

Engage your people in a group coaching experience that will shape them into the leader they were meant to be.


By digging deeper with relevant questions, Maria facilitates content and conversation that helps your team use their current circumstances as a platform for their growth as a leader.   

What you will see;

  • Improvement in their communication, collaboration and connection.
  • Focus on their own personal growth
  • Be a more effective player on the team
  • Understanding of how to value and serve the people on their team
  • Emerging leaders rising to the surface


Developing as a leader does not stop once you become part of the leadership team.  In fact, one of the highest callings of leadership is to pass your knowledge on to the emerging leaders on your team.  This will help you ensure that you have a strong leadership bench.

Your C-Suite will;

  • Learn how to Model, Mentor, Monitor, Motivate and Multiply strong leadership qualities
  • Be a more effective leader
  • Understand how to connect best with those they lead
  • Begin to identify who on their team is ready to lead others
  • Discover their own areas for growth and development

“I loved the way in which Maria facilitated our group discussions and challenged us to think differently and with deeper purpose. She has been an integral piece in helping me discover and further my career goals and is someone I admire and look up to as a female leader.”

– Nicole Elvers, CLF
Director of Selection at Northwestern Mutual

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