The other day I worked with no boundaries, no white space with a striving mentality, disconnection to myself, and frustration with anyone who got in my way, i.e my family.

It was so familiar, like my past when I believed the way to build my business and be fulfilled was to work, work, work, and keep working. Throughout it all, I was super emotional, totally exhausted and in the end, accomplished very little.

If you’ve followed my story at all you know this behavior was the impetus to the downfall of my past businesses and the reason for my being unfulfilled in the past. Over the past 3 years, I have done A LOT of work with my Executive Coach exploring why I default to this way of being, how it doesn’t serve my goals and what to do to change it.

In fact, the experience of my growth in this area and how it helped me achieve my goals in life is what I built my CORE 4 Achievers Coaching Program around.

Now, here’s what’s ridiculous about the whole thing, a week ago I posted this to Linked In.

  • After some deep personal work, I realized that I was using my striving to compensate for an underlying doubt in my ability to ACTUALLY reach my business goals. 😮 Those little seeds of doubt had been quietly growing into a lack of confidence that was keeping me from my dream.

I called my coach yesterday to gain clarity on my momentary lapse back into default mode and she helped me make what she calls a “5-degree shift”. Here’s what I learned

  • It’s not uncommon to fall back into old patterns, and more importantly, IT’S OKAY
  • I only default to these behaviors when life feels “out-of-control”
  • The more I understand the behavior the better I am at mitigating its effect
  • Just because it happened again, doesn’t mean I’m back at square #1
  • 5-degree shifts are the bomb….THANK YOU, Melissa!

It is important to become aware of your default behaviors and how they are holding you back from your goals. Just as important is recognizing when they rear their ugly heads and what you can do to get yourself back on track.

If you are ready to explore what may be holding you back from your goals, this 3-free video series was created with you in mind.

Above all, have grace with yourself. All challenging experiences are an opportunity for you to grow your self-awareness and into your authentic self.