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Can we get real for a minute?

When you first dreamed of launching your own business, you weren't envisioning days full of struggle, self-doubt and uncertainty. You had no idea that you were going to feel totally overwhelmed and pulled in a million

different directions about how to get clients and grow your business.

You were thinking you'd be working a few hours a day, paying off debt, growing your savings and enjoying the heck out of your free time!

Good news is, those dreams are in your reach!

You really can work a few hours a day, have a major impact on your clients, and meet your financial goals too. It's entirely possible and we'll show you how. We're obsessed with helping our clients get results because like you, we want the same things: financial freedom, time freedom and to change other's lives. After years of trial and error, we cracked the code on how to make this happen without using values-driven, feel good marketing strategies and we would be delighted to show you how!

Maria Kast, CEO

Maria is a small business coach for aspiring and new coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs who are ready to get fully booked with clients. She helps them grow and scale a thriving business in a way that is sustainable, so they can serve their clients authentically, create financial freedom and keep doing what they love - helping others!

Drawing on her experiences as an Executive Coach and 3x business owner, she and her team guide Find Your Flow tm clients through an easy to implement, step-by step approach to creating the business and life they've always dreamed of.

Get Fully Booked Without A

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Get your personalized Next Client Now Action Plan with 6 pages of actionable steps to help you land your next client or grow your coaching or consulting business to 6 figures and beyond by answering a few simple questions.

The Turning Point

To heal, I needed to turn inward and discover what my true purpose was. I needed to clear away the limiting beliefs and emotional baggage that kept holding me back. I needed to stop defining myself by my achievements in my career. I needed my self-worth to come from a deep sense of knowing that I'm whole, perfect, and complete just as I am, and separate from what I achieve. I needed to realize that external validation was never going to truly fill my bucket and the constant search for it was taking me to redline.

Through a long journey of exploration and reconnecting to my own divine wisdom, I eventually healed the old wounds that were making me sick and I learned to feel whole.

I invested in coaches and energy healing professionals and took on deep internal work. I stopped defining my sense of self-worth by my accomplishments, and warmed up a spiritual connection that I had ignored for many years.

I learned about energy, grounding, and practiced yoga and meditation daily. I read texts about my health condition and continued to adapt and adjust my lifestyle. I leaned on my husband, my parents, my closest friends, and I prayed.

I learned that we are unconditionally loved and supported and that there are spiritual energies helping us every step of the way if we open up, trust, and surrender to the divine guidance that is always there.

I freed myself from the belief born in my youth that success for women looked like big important leadership titles and passing out on the couch at 9pm after working a 12 hour day. I began to define success on my own terms, found my purpose, and decided it was time to take a leap of faith.

The Transition

Though the migraines had improved, I was still battling chronic fatigue, neck pain and autoimmune disease, and knew that I was never going to heal fully if I could not live completely on my own terms. At the same time, I was witnessing colleagues of mine, whom I loved, start to follow the same trajectory of chronic stress and illness due to overworking with the same self-worth issue at the core of this behavior. I felt compelled to help other leaders re-define success for themselves, so that they wouldn't have to hit have a health crisis before their own wake up call.

I eventually left the hectic world of senior management and built a six-figure executive coaching and consulting business focused on helping leaders and teams increase their impact without burning out. I coached and consulted senior level execs and CEOs across the country, helping them to re-define themselves, their teams, and their strategies. This work was very rewarding. My client roster was full and I was getting transformative results for the people who hired me.

Yet, the universe had something more in store for me.

I declined joining my husband and his family for Thanksgiving day. Something inside of me was building. A ball of emotions was sitting under the surface and I needed to figure out what it was. As I sat on my meditation mat in my quiet house that day, a profound sense of knowing came over me. Another pivot was upon me and I knew that it was time to help other aspiring coaches and experts create their own online business, so they too could liberate themselves from their employment and create that sense of freedom they were so desperately seeking.

Within 3 short months, I was fully booked with these new clients and I now help other online entrepreneurs crack the code to their first six-figures and beyond using values-driven, simple marketing methods.

The world needs you to step up right now, and I know that by helping you grow your business and evolve into the high-impact entrepreneur you're ready to be, together we will create a ripple effect that is transformational.

I help values-driven, coaches, mentors and experts get more clients and grow their businesses so that they can do what matters most to them - help others.

If you're ready to grow your business, live a lifestyle that supports your wellness and creates real impact in the world -- we want to hear from you.


CORE Leadership is committed to building an inclusive, anti-racist business. We are a team of heart centered entrepreneurs who stand for non-judgment & love. We believe & teach that all people are capable of achieving whatever they desire when they embrace personal responsibility & continuous growth.


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