Our CORE Pillars

These four principles are the foundation of what I believe, how I work, and where I guide people. Everybody is at different steps along this “path” and it is my job as an Executive Coach to connect with your people, assess their current level of awareness and speak in a language they can relate to.

Believe that all people are capable of changing
(No matter what the facts are telling you)

      • If they use their current circumstance/challenges as stepping stones toward growth, they will in fact evolve, improve and become more their authentic self.
      • Your people rise to the level of your belief in them
      • When you stop believing in this you stop believing in people

Embrace Unconditional Love/Positive Regard/Non-Judgment toward all people

      • When this is not present, communication breaks down, resentment builds up and affects the entire culture of the organization. This in turn compromises the ability to reach the organization’s goals.

It is the responsibility of the leaders to do the hard work of changing, becoming their best selves and encourage their people to do the same.

      • Often reflected in the way the leader perceives the team and situations within the team.
      • Otherwise neither you, your people or your organization will reach it’s true potential

Consider or be open to the idea that all humans have their own inner-guidance/inner-coach

      • There is an internal guidance system at work in each of us to help us walk through every aspect of our lives
      • Our true work is to find, trust and follow that inner guidance in order to be the best for ourselves, our families, our communities and the organizations we work in.
      • Fosters an environment of creativity rather than “following the masses”
      • Must step away from “business-as-usual”, our screens, etc. and instead get quiet, self-reflect

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