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Imagine that you know the most experienced, brilliant, successful and wisest person of all time. They are your best friend, business mentor and coach.

  • You have access to them 24hrs a day/365 days a year.
  • They want what’s best for you and lead you toward success 100% of the time
  • They are your biggest fan, believe in you and your purpose
  • They want you to have and experience all the best of what life has to offer

This person lives in you as your inner-coach and guide:

  • Directing you in all decisions, both business and personal
  • Ridding you of anxiety, worry and fear about the past, present or future
  • Giving you confidence in all of your decisions and experiences
  • Allowing you a sense of peace and joy no matter what your current circumstance may be

You only need to step away from business-as-usual, seek out this inner-coach and you will reach your full potential

Bani & Maria Online Course

Just $495 for 6 weeks

In this 6-week on-line course Bani and Maria will give you the tools and guidance for:

  • Discovering your inner-coach
  • Trusting your inner-coach
  • Knowing exactly what you want from your inner-coach and how to ask for it
  • Teach you several tried and true techniques to connect to and develop a great relationship with your Inner Coach
  • Uncovering the blind spots that may be holding you back from your inner-coach

Because we believe in the power of our own inner-guidance, we have set this course up to be interactive. This allows us to understand your current circumstances and teach in a way that is both relevant and authentic to the group.

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