I can be sooooo mean…

Dang, let me tell you…I mixed up a big vat of blame last month and added a dash of resentment for good measure.  

You see, I am a creature of habit when it comes to my workout routine. I attend group classes at my gym 3x a week, and have my preferred time slots and my preferred trainers. If I don’t start my day with a little sweat and activity, my energy is low and I’m off my game.

So, when summer hit and I heard one of my trainers was giving up a shift, I thought no problem…until her replacement entered the room.

Now, although I do some intense workouts, I absolutely DO NOT gravitate toward trainers who turn up the music volume AND SHOUT through their microphones. So, when the new trainer entered the picture, let’s just say, her style was not my jam.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s a good trainer, the workouts are great and she’s really nice…it’s just that DAMN volume, UG!

Enter Mean Maria…..😠

For two weeks I; 

  • Blamed her for messing up my workout routine
  • Complained to my hubby ad nauseam about it
  • Literally walked by her class annoyed every time

And to really put the cherry on top of this vulnerable, shit show story…one day, she had the audacity to sub in one of my other classes. OMG! I literally walked out of the room.

Can you freakin’ believe me, I mean seriously, writing this I’m thinkin’ what a total B I am!

Thankfully, that same day I heard the voice of my inner coach like I always do when I stray. “Maria, the energy you’re putting out right now is the “old” you. You know better, and you know what you must do”.

*SIGH of relief*

  • I remembered how that kind of energy affects the world around me and the results I have in my life.  
  • Did I want to continue being a menace to myself & those around me? 
  • Isn’t it true I have big goals for my life and biz, and this behavior WILL hold me back from them?  
  • Was this fair to her? 

Haven’t I learned that managing my energy & taking personal responsibility for my circumstances are the key to a fulfilling life?

So, I took a pause and used one of my absolute favorite phrases when I’m stuck and need to make a shift, “How can I …?”

“How can I attend this class and do so with positive energy”

As ALWAYS, the answer presented itself: EARPLUGS!🤣

And I’m happy to report it worked!

I share this story because I want you to know that it is possible to shift your energy, your perspective, and your circumstances. 

Look at the content of your life, your business, your relationships that you wish would change, or that you have mad resistance around and take personal responsibility by asking “How can I…”

  • “How can I make money in my business?”
  • “How can I invest in…”
  • “How can I find my clients”
  • “How can I improve my relationship with…”
  • “How can I leave my job and build a business”
  • “How can I (you fill in the blank)…”

You’ll be amazed at the creative answers that come and the way if shifts the tide in favor of success in all areas of your life.