🤫 I’ve got a secret to share that could save you from giving up entirely on your biz…

Most Coaches, Consultants, and Freelancers don’t hit their revenue goals, and consequently, fail because of one or more of these reasons:

  • Inconsistent Action
  • Not understanding the needs & demands of their target market
  • Lack of a marketing strategy
  • Allowing self-doubt to dictate their decisions
  • Dabbling in a variety of strategies
  • No Plan

Take a pause with me here and get brutally honest.  

But before you do, be gentle and kind. This is not a time to start throwing judgment, regret, and hate at yourself, or worse deciding you’re a failure, giving up and eating a bag of potato chips while watching reruns of “This Is Us”.

NOW is the time for you to get real and factual with what I call a Business Health Check so that you can identify your gaps and take steps forward to fill those gaps.

Okay…You Ready?!

Look at that list above and ask yourself 

  • Which of these reasons represent my current business behavior right now?
  • What beliefs do I carry that are getting in the way of my scoring a 10 on each of these?
  • What knowledge gaps are getting in the way of my scoring a 10 on each of these?

Now, let’s talk about the BELIEFS first…because as you know, you’re beliefs drive your behaviors. Once you identify the belief you carry that is sabotaging your success, DISMANTLE it. Question it, create a new belief and establish a new behavior that supports your new belief.

Let me give you an example.

Belief: “I lack a marketing strategy in my business because my expertise is in Coaching and I’ve never been good at marketing myself. It’s uncomfortable for me.”

Question it: “Is this actually true?” “Actually, no! It isn’t that I’m not good at it, I just don’t know how to market myself well.”

Create a new belief & behavior that supports it: “I will learn marketing strategies for my business by investing 1-hr a day educating myself, investing in a marketing program, or finding help.” “Over time, I will become really good at marketing my business.”

Now, onto the KNOWLEDGE GAPS: If it’s a knowledge gap you’re experiencing, DO A HAPPY DANCE! 💃🏻  These are easy to fix because you only need to learn ‘HOW TO’ do that thing. 

Before I became an entrepreneur, I worked in the Hospitality Industry. I had no formal training on how to run a business, in fact, most small business owners don’t have formal training. For me, it was a comedy of errors & learning by my mistakes LOL. I didn’t understand marketing, lead generation, how to strategize, set goals, or find my clients.  

So, when I went into business, I had to LEARN how to do it all through workshops, writing copy, creating offers, hiring coaches, and investing in online programs. Seriously, what I invested over the years has totaled more than my Bachelor’s Degree from 1989. There’s no diploma to show for it, but there is a thriving, successful six-figure business!!

Performing this Business Health Check will save you from giving up entirely on your business and chalking it up to failure. It provides the intel on what you need to do to fill either the belief or knowledge gap. It removes confusion and lack of forward movement. It gives you hope and a plan to continue along the path of success.

Last month, I came to this realization that what new and aspiring entrepreneurs really need is a Roadmap that fills in the knowledge gaps and support that overcomes the belief gaps. Imagine how that would shave off years if not months of the struggle of trying to figure it out.  

So, I decided…what the heck, why not create the roadmap, and give the support!  

Enter the “Roadmap to Consistent Clients” workshop, June 14th-17th. It’s an opportunity for you to get it FREE in exchange for your feedback so that I can distill it down into the very best parts and create a Masterclass. Plus, my team of coaches and I will be coaching you in a private Facebook group all week long.  You just can’t lose on this one! 

Hope to see you on the 14th!