Meet my son Khai. You won’t often see pictures of him and my family.

He struggles with his mental health, and the disease gets ahold of him in a way that he is on again, off again with his medication, drugs, drinking, and our family.

My phone is always on so that I don’t miss a call.  

Last week, it came. He called and shared with me that “bad people” were out to kill him and he was buying a bus ticket out of town the next day. A result from a psychotic break after 2+ years without his medication and therefore self-medication with drugs & alcohol.

After a call to 911 and 24 hours of worry, he was found, is home, back on his medication, and making phone calls to rehab.

I share this for two reasons.

  1. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and I feel called to share our story. If my story reminds people to be kind, free of judgment, see the person not the illness & to always have hope, well then, my heart is full.
  2. Having this challenge in our family has shaped our family in a way that I would NEVER trade. It sucks, yes! But, my son has made me a better person, a better Mom, a better Coach, and a better businesswoman.

If debilitating mental health touches you or your family. I encourage you to reach out to The National Alliance for Mental Illness.