Now More Than Ever, We Must Support Local Business!

Now, I’m not a grape pie fan, I know, I know, it’s un-fingerlakesian, BUT I did find the absolute best grape pie stand…”Jeni’s Pies”.  What makes it so, you ask?  Jeni’s has an abundance of baked goods to choose from, and to my joy, the absolute best apple pie I’ve ever had.  For you grape pie lovers out there, the rest of my family exclaimed that her grape pie was to die for!

Marcy and I were also pleasantly surprised as we drove further down Route 21 than we had ever been before and stumbled upon Lynnie Lous Homemade Ice Cream. Thankful for a warm day in October we sat outside eating their warm apple crumb cake topped with vanilla ice cream.  All this while enjoying the scenery of Naple’s hills in full Autumn bloom.  A definite must stop for you next Summer & Fall!

Of course, I cannot wrap it up without a little bit of sports thrown into the mix.  I’m a golfer and had heard of Reservoir Creek Golf, but had never golfed there.  As we passed by it after our ice cream, I got the nudge to call my husband and make a plan.  The following Tuesday we made space in our calendars and had a “date day” on the course.  If you’re a golfer and haven’t made the trip yet, you must, and if you haven’t surprised your favorite person with a surprise date, what are you waiting for?  These are the kinds of actions that keep life exciting!

Working Through Lunch Not Allowed

Remember that un-seasonally warm 80 degree Friday on October 23rd?  I sure do, because while driving to my office at Metro Cowork I noticed that my very favorite café, Orange Glory was open and had tables outside!  I’m a firm believer in NOT working through lunch, and even though I had packed mine that day…I took this opportunity to support local.  As we begin to see restaurants re-opening, remember, they’ve been tremendously affected by COVID.  I encourage you to take at least one day a week away from the office and support a restaurant that is close to you by ordering take-out or sit-in depending on your comfort level.  And whatever you do, never work through lunch, the break gives your mind & body a chance to re-charge and create new ideas.

Strategy Session Meets Fun!

November is typically the month when businesses book their Strategic Planning sessions to set their goals for the coming year.  It’s no different for me, however, my process creates both recharge and refocus that is deeply rooted in mindfulness and contemplation.  Now don’t get me wrong, I also have fun, but the fun comes from the way in which I spend my time, a blend of strategic and spontaneous.

This November,  I spent my three-day retreat at The Lake House on Canandaigua, my favorite location thus far.  It provided the perfect environment for an inspired vision to emerge and a plan for achieving it to be created.

If you are a business owner, consider booking yourself a solo retreat BEFORE your team’s strategic planning session.  This allows you to focus intentionally on the vision for your business in the coming year and provides the downtime for it to come effortlessly.  By the way, this type of retreat is not just for business owners.  Planning out your best year can be for anybody who’s ready to recharge & refocus.

If you’re curious about the essentials for a strategic & spontaneous retreat and how to plan your vision, download my free Retreat Roadmap.