I never knew the GLORY of joining Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).  

There are obvious benefits to joining a CSA:

  • High quality, fresh, nutritious food: CSA produce is often harvested within days or hours of delivery, meaning produce retains more nutritional value and stays fresher longer
  • A direct connection to producers: consumers can directly ask producers about their growing practices and make choices to purchase from farmers that align with their values
  • Introduction to new varieties: CSAs offer what is plentiful and in season, which is a great way to get introduced to new crops you might not have tasted otherwise

And then there’s the intangible, which I have been significantly impacted by this summer. Finding myself immersed in the present moment, which I had set as my focus for 2022. 

  • The beauty of the farm and display of veggies at pick up. It’s like that initial attraction of love that gives me an all-natural dopamine hit.
  • Witnessing how different varieties grow, protect themselves and align with the backdrop of their sister plants.
  • Looking at a plant and not seeing the vegetable, until seemingly out of the blue, it makes itself “magically” appear ready for the picking.
  • Connecting with other members in the field and having rich, valuable conversations.

It has been one of the most enriching experiences of my Summer, far greater than just providing my family with food. It brings joy, peace, and feelings of well-being that extend into every area of my life & biz. Needless to say, I’m hooked and encourage you to check out your local Community Supported Agriculture or mine at www.wildhillfarm.com.