Every 2 years, my family, parents, siblings, and their families…14 of us in all rent a house on the water…usually out of state. This year we stayed close to home in Aurora, NY on Cayuga Lake, and I discovered a deeper love of the Finger Lakes region and all it has to offer, including a little reminder of what’s important.

So, here’s the deal… I had to bring some work along with me on this vacation, which is usually not the case. However, I am launching a new program and had some deadlines to hit the first week of July, so it was unavoidable….or was it!? 

As you can imagine, with 14 people in the house, getting work done ended up being a total stressor and I found myself impatient & annoyed with the kids and angry with myself for not getting it done prior to our leaving. The vibe I was putting out to my family was not fun, not fair to them and it certainly wasn’t producing quality work.  

Not all Biz July header

So, guess what I did? I closed my computer, packed up the kids, and took them to Ithaca for a hike allowing myself to miss the deadline. This took a lot of trust and surrender on my part because I don’t like not hitting my goals, but the reality is the work will always be there. And really, isn’t your mental health and the connection to the people you love most in the world what’s truly important?