As an entrepreneur, you often hear me encourage the idea of a DIY Professional Retreat for yourself and your business, but I think I’ve forgotten to share something just as important, if not more…

Stepping away periodically for self-care with no agenda just a day or two away from your normal is a great way to reduce stress, experience new perspectives, and feel rejuvenated. 

This month my sister, mother, and I spent a weekend at Mirbeau Inn & Spa in Skaneateles. Inspired by Monet’s Gardens at Giverny, it felt as though we were dropped right into France. The accommodations, service, food, and spa treatments were 5 stars for sure. It was 2 days of just being present and pampered!

Not all biz - august

And here’s the thing….we almost didn’t go, thinking we could just spend one day at a local spa and get a similar experience. Not so! When you have the chance to step away for a little self-care, make sure you consider TRULY stepping away from your “normal” self-care routines.

You’ll be glad you did!