We ski hard, Marcy and I.


I said “Let’s stop here and take in the view”


Okay, I really just needed to stop and rest.


She took it to a whole other level, taking her ski’s off, sitting down and really taking in the view.


It reminded me of what I teach my clients about the necessary #pause in your day to just be, take notice, reflect, pay attention.


As business owners, and high-achievers we often get caught up in the doing, in the…well, achieving. There’s always a goal just around the corner, there’s always something that needs to get done, and ya know what…THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMETHING THAT NEEDS TO GET DONE.


But here’s the deal…..In that #pause lays the secret to your success. Pausing allows you to come back to you, that silent beautiful connection to your inner-coach, who is just waiting for you to stop long enough to listen.


You would be amazed at what you hear when you take the time to listen, most often it’s the answer to a problem, challenge or question that’s been on your mind lately.


How about if you take your #pause to a whole other level. What might that look like?