Now you might think I’m bragging here, but I assure you that’s not what this is about. You see, I had three desires on my 5-year “wish list” and in March, after only two years and through a pandemic, two have become a reality.

  1. Full Kitchen Renovation ✔️
  2. Luxury Convertible Car ✔️
  3. Trip to Italy with Jay (Coming Fall of 2022)

I share this with you because I know you have something on your wishlist too. It may feel a long way off, or even unattainable, but I assure you that it’s not.

It's not all Biz June

Here is what I believe made the difference in my manifesting this in such a short time:

  • Every year I physically wrote the goal and the dream down in my Vision Roadmap.
  • Regularly, I imagined myself driving in that luxury convertible when I was actually in my Toyota Rav 4, and stood in my 1970’s farmhouse kitchen and imagined my modern kitchen.
  • I researched cars and kitchen ideas as if we were already in purchase mode.
  • Whenever things looked bleak or tough, I remembered that a dream is always attainable if you continue to work toward it.

Now, whatever it is for you…go get it!