One of my core values is freedom and flexibility. That served me well in my twenties and thirties, pre-kids, pre-hubby…I could travel whenever and wherever I desired. Back then, I built my life around that value, so I worked as a waitress for many years, which easily accommodated my drive for freedom and flexibility.

Once I “grew up” and into family and career, I certainly walked through a time of trying to find balance. At first, I thought, ”Well this is it, I’m no longer 20 something and single, it’s time to settle down, stay put, deny my travel bug”. You can imagine that didn’t fair too well for my soul. You cannot squash that which you most value. So, I struggled.

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That time period of struggle was essential to my finding a way to satisfy my need for freedom and flexibility within the framework of my current reality. It became my way of self-care. So, I make it a priority to build opportunities to embrace and live out my core value, like;

  • Travelling out of town for professional development, and when in these new cities, I spend an extra day or two to take in the sights.
  • Pull the kids out of school for a spontaneous day trip, like hiking in Ithaca’s Gorges.
  • Taking my son to Steeler’s training camp every Summer because we love Pittsburgh and it’s a great way to bond!
  • Heading down South to the beach at least once a year. This is where I feel most free!

What is your top Core value and how do you exemplify that value in your life? I’d love to hear about the creative ways you live out your best life!