Just got back from my Strategic Planning Retreat in Jupiter, FL.

As soon as I step away from biz-as-usual to gain clarity for my 2022, whattaya think happens!?!?!?🤨

😮🤔😍 – An opportunity…that’s what!


I’m like…”What the?!!?! Really, Universe??”

In a lot of ways, it is an answer to a question I’ve been asking myself for the last few months. Yet, I never would have imagined the answer in this way.

But isn’t that exactly how this thing works?

To stop striving and just allow for what you have planted to grow in its time.

This retreat experience never ceases to amaze me.

There is a different kind of flow to my day and an intentional, mindful connection to my inner coach and all it wants to present.

I’ve let go of resistance and have-to’s, opening myself up to whatever is meant to come through to me.

It is ALWAYS a fruitful experience that grows my business year after year, consistently!

I HAVE ONE QUESTION FOR YOU…What is holding you back from booking a retreat of your own?

For a step-by-step action guide head up to my “More to Grow On” section and download my Retreat Planner!