Release the Hustle

Last month was my birthday month, and I spent a good portion of it reflecting on what area of my life I could be better. As you know I believe our current circumstances to be a platform for becoming our best selves, therefore I am working on my ability to eat healthier, exercise appropriately and embrace this 54-year-old version of myself.

So this month I want to introduce you to a guest blogger who is a friend, colleague, person who aligns closely with my CORE 4 message and most importantly helps me be healthier.

Enjoy Sheryl Vega of VIP Fit Club and Shaped by Sheryl

I am so honored to have been asked by my dear friend and fellow female entrepreneur to be a guest on her blog. Let me start out by introducing myself as Sheryl, a fellow over-achiever. I suspect like many of you, we take on so many projects in an effort to “hustle our way to the next big THING. But this year I decided to work on releasing all of the things that are stealing my joy & holding me back from reaching the next level. One of them being to…


Like so many of you, I am juggling a lot of projects in 2021;

  1. Building out a new location for our fitness center, VIP Fit Club.
  2. Pursuing a local Not-for-Profit Community Center in Macedon, NY.
  3. Launching my online Health Coaching business, Shaped by Sheryl.
  4. And operating our existing location of VIP Fit Club full-time.

I do this for many reasons;

  • First off, I love what I do. I am excited about health & wellness and love helping others.
  • Secondly, I believe in passion with a purpose and always strive to give back to the community that supports me.
  • And lastly, I work hard so that one day I can be free to enjoy life on my terms.

It is this last one that I find somewhat self-defeating.

In the midst of all of this hustle to one day enjoy our lives, we lose out on the precious moments right in front of us.

We are so busy Hustling to get ahead, that we,

  • Forget to enjoy the journey.
  • Forget to set personal boundaries.
  • Forget to take moments to pause, self-reflect and slow down.

It is for this reason, that one must decide to RELEASE the constant hustle.

Now don’t get me wrong, the hustle is good, but not when you feel required to do so rather than doing it with passionate purpose.

So, with that, stop hustling so much to someday enjoy your life that you miss out on actually enjoying your life as it is right now! Choose to enjoy the process of living. Refuse to get stuck in the hustle to work so hard to get ahead but never enjoy the process. It’s not about the final outcome, it’s about the journey. It’s about enjoying the ride.

Today, I challenge you to release the need for the hustle and find balance in the things that bring you peace. This week pay attention to the simple things you can enjoy right now, your home, sharing a meal with good friends, and anything that recharges your spirit.

In Health & Happiness,
Sheryl Vega