What does it mean to think like a HIGH IMPACT ENTREPRENEUR?

So, I’m having a chat with this brand spankin’ new entrepreneur, and what do you think she says?🤔

“I really want to succeed at this, but when I look at what I’m charging per hour, I don’t know how I could possibly make it!”

So, I asked a few Q’s, did a little investigating, and figured out that she would have to CONSISTENTLY land 7 NEW clients EVERY WEEK for 52 weeks in order to hit her revenue goal, which, btw, was not a massive goal.

That is absurd!

There was no doubt in my mind, or hers, that she would quickly burn out. 😰

And here’s the deal, she was providing tremendous value for her clients, but pricing her services in 4 or 6-hour blocks of time at an hourly rate, with no plan for next steps with her to keep the engagement going.


The most common reasons for this type of thinking stem from

  1. Not valuing or believing in self
  2. Scarcity/Money Mindsets
  3. Not knowing HOW to create a truly transformational package
  4. Not knowing HOW to price for value/results

As entrepreneurs providing transformational services to our clients, we must stop thinking of ourselves like a “person” doing a “service” and instead, 


So, How do you do that???  

🔥  Break through the stinkin’ thinkin’ that’s holding you back – managing your mind is the #1 skill of a successful entrepreneur

🔥  Provide an offer riddled with value, results, and a longer-term engagement. (3,6 or 12 mos)

🔥  Price your offer according to the value, results, and transformation you provide for your client

🔥  Get really comfortable with communicating AND DELIVERING your value